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I will put any assignments you have and when to finish them by here.

I want you to write about one person you know and please include their first and last name(If you are unconfortable sharing the name of someone you know pick a main character in the Harry Potter books.  Make the character has a big enough role in the book so you know their personality, likes and dislikes.  For example, use Remus Lupin instead of Lavender Brown) 
I want you to include
3 things they like
2 they dislike
3 positive personality traits
3 negative ones
DUE SEPT,  5th


If you would like an extra credit grade, you can write about more people you know.  You must also analize their name using Arithmancy (I will explain that later but for now just write about each of them).
If you do an extra credit assignment and do it poorly IT WILL STILL COUNT!  I am giving you extra credit to help you get a good grade so take advantage of it.

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Arithmancy homework and classwork must be PMed to me by the due date to recieve full credit.