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I know these are annoying but they are needed....

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Please read this before you begin this class.  ( I highlighted the more important parts so it might make the reading part go faster :) )


You need to be registered at Armoise Academy ( in order to be apart of this class.  You also must have signed up for this class at the beginning of the term.


Make sure you visit the classroom sites before you sign up for a class. Read their course outlines and make sure the subject matter interests you. Also, some classes have special requirements - it would be bad if you can't participate in a class later because you can't meet the requirements.


Sign-up for almost all classes will be open for at least two weeks.


If you have more questions regarding sign-ups not answered here please either contact myself by PM me at


Homework for this class must be completed by the date it is due if you signed up for my class at the beginning of term.  Any homework handed in after that will not recieve full credit.


Every homework assignment you hand into me will earn you points towards your house. 


Assignments can be worth anywhere from 1-50 points depending on how big it is.

Homework is to be sent to be PMed to me.

Your homework must include your Character name on the site


This class will be edited about every other week (I will let you know if it will be more or less).


To go up to the next grade, you need to earn five quills. To get a quill in this class for each term, you need to get an Acceptable or higher.  (See Grading for more details)


Exams will be given a week before term begins.  We will review for them in class.  The exams will take place at Armoise Academy.


If anyone has a suggestion on anyone of these subjects please PM me at


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Arithmancy homework and classwork must be PMed to me by the due date to recieve full credit.