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Student List

Below is a list of the students taking this class.

Narya Elliot
Britton Granger
Hermione Prince
Justine Black
Bernadette Sebastian
Andrew Gryffindor
Auerilla Spence
James Fortescue
Megan Chang
Vicky Potter
Alexis Moody
Kelsey Vampre
Crystal Coldstone
Kristin Malfoy
Tori Keegan
Rita Riddle
Maggie Claufield
Iris Evanesca
Alex Parsons
Fred Longbottom
Narcissa Merkuri
Carrie McCoy
Mortange d'Enfer

Hermione Olivander
Hermione Peterson
Amy Longwood
Joanne Hansen
Cathleen Chase
Bunny Moon
Lera Linda
Shish Kabible
Duncan Patil
Berry Semele
Sarah Pettus
Selena Watson
Berry Semele
Lorali McWaters


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Arithmancy homework and classwork must be PMed to me by the due date to recieve full credit.