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This is an example of what we will be learning in class.

You take a name like Harry Potter and give certain letters certain numbers and end up knowing the Harry Potter's....
Character is....
Character Number represents....
Good vs Evil
Heart (Ambitions, Wants, Fears, etc.)
Trying to Find Completenesss or Wholeness
Wants to Find the Beginning, Middle and End of things
Social (The way he acts towards other people)
Shows people he is hardworking
His Social Number represents...
He can either be very sucessful or in the depths of failure; the potentional to go either way is present from the beginning. (Ex.  The Prophcey)
Even if you don't understand what Heart Nuumbers or any of the other numbers are if you read down the list of Characteristcs you can see that all of them match up with Harry Potter.
This type of Divination if very accurate!!

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Arithmancy homework and classwork must be PMed to me by the due date to recieve full credit.